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Eighty-Five (85%) Crimes in Oklahoma Criminal Law

Certain crimes in Oklahoma are what is known as eighty-five perecent (85%) crimes. This means that a defendant convicted of one of these offenses;

shall be required to serve not less than eighty-five percent (85%) of any sentence of imprisonment imposed by the judicial system prior to becoming eligible for consideration for parole. Persons convicted of these offenses shall not be eligible for earned credits or any other type of credits which have the effect of reducing the length of the sentence to less than eighty-five percent (85%) of the sentence imposed.
(See Oklahoma Statute Title 21 Section 13.1)

These crimes are;

1. First degree murder as defined in Section 701.7 of this title;

2. Second degree murder as defined by Section 701.8 of this title;

3. Manslaughter in the first degree as defined by Section 711 of this title;

4. Poisoning with intent to kill as defined by Section 651 of this title;

5. Shooting with intent to kill, use of a vehicle to facilitate use of a firearm, crossbow or other weapon, assault, battery, or assault and battery with a deadly weapon or by other means likely to produce death or great bodily harm, as provided for in Section 652 of this title;

6. Assault with intent to kill as provided for in Section 653 of this title;

7. Conjoint robbery as defined by Section 800 of this title;

8. Robbery with a dangerous weapon as defined in Section 801 of this title;

9. First degree robbery as defined in Section 797 of this title;

10. First degree rape as provided for in Section 1111, 1114 or 1115 of this title;

11. First degree arson as defined in Section 1401 of this title;

12. First degree burglary as provided for in Section 1436 of this title;

13. Bombing as defined in Section 1767.1 of this title;

14. Any crime against a child provided for in Section 843.5 of this title;

15. Forcible sodomy as defined in Section 888 of this title;

16. Child pornography or aggravated child pornography as defined in Section 1021.2, 1021.3, 1024.1, 1024.2 or 1040.12a of this title;

17. Child prostitution as defined in Section 1030 of this title;

18. Lewd molestation of a child as defined in Section 1123 of this title;

19. Abuse of a vulnerable adult as defined in Section 10-103 of Title 43A of the Oklahoma Statutes who is a resident of a nursing facility;

20. Aggravated trafficking as provided for in subsection C of Section 2-415 of Title 63 of the Oklahoma Statutes;

21. Aggravated assault and battery upon any person defending another person from assault and battery; or

22. Human trafficking as provided for in Section 748 of this title,

(See Oklahoma Statute Title 21 Section 13.1)

Often times people will refer to 85% crimes as "violent". Often times people will ask "is it violent"? Not all the 85% crimes are violent and not all violent offense are 85% crimes. To see if a crime is 85% you just need to check the list.

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