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Tulsa Criminal Attorney Explains After Former (AFCF) in Oklahoma

When you hear the terms "After Former", "After Formers", "Prior Convictions", "Second Page" and "AFCF" they refernce former convictions of a defendant that the state intends to use to enhance the sentence of the defendant in accordance with Title 21 Oklahoma Statute Section 51.1. This is a very important consideration in any evaluating any criminal case. To properly evaluate a criminal case you must not only evaluate the chances of winning the case at trial you must evaluate to consequences if you lose. To evlauate the consequences of losing a case you must consider the sentencing range.

The state must plead the prior convictions on the "second page" of the information and introduce evidence of those convictions at the preliminary hearing. At a trial the state must prove these prior convictions during the "second stage" of the trial.

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