An Explanation of criminal Arraignments in Oklahoma

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In Oklahoma there are two types of arraignments in criminal cases. The first arraignment occurs shortly after a defendant has been arrested. The purpose of the arraignment is to inform the person of the charges against them.(This may seem like an unnecessary step, but it is not. There are still countries around the world where people are held in jail without being told what they are being charged with.)

The first arraignment is sometimes called an initial appearance. In Tulsa County a defendant's arraignment will be continued if they show up to court without a lawyer. In some other counties around the state of Oklahoma the judge will have the arraignment and direct the defendant to return to the next court date with a lawyer.

The other type of an arraignment is the arraignment that occurs after the preliminary hearing. This is called the District Court Arraignment. The purpose is the same for both arraignments, to make sure the defendant is advised of what they are being charged with.

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