Explanation of the term Bond in Oklahoma Criminal Law

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When the word "bond" is used in the criminal justice system in Oklahoma it most frequently refers to an amount of money that must be paid or posted before a defendant can be released from jail while a criminal case is pending against that defendant. Most defendants pay a bail bondsman a premium to post the bond for them. (Typically bondsmen charge from eight (8) to ten (10) percent premium to post a bond.)

But there are others areas of criminal law this term may arise. The other area of law is after a defendant has been convicted, in rare occasions, a defendant will be given an "appeal bond" while the appeal is pending. Appeal bonds are rare, but if a defendant is granted an appeal bond they are allowed to remain free, after being convicted of a crime, while that conviction is appealed to the Oklahoma court of Criminal Appeals. In Oklahoma Appeal Bonds are controlled by Oklahoma Statute Title 22 Section 1058.

"A criminal action is prosecuted in the name of the State of Oklahoma as a party, against the person charged with the offense". (See Title 22 O.S. Section 11)

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