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Co-defendants in Oklahoma Criminal Law

If you are charged with a crime whether or not you have a "co-defendant" may have a big impact on your case. A "co-defendant" is a defendant that is conjointly charged with another defendant in a criminal case. There can be multiple co-defendants in a criminal case. In a single criminal case someone can be a co-defendant in some counts and not other counts. When multiple defendants are charged as co-defendants of a crime, they are accused of violating the same statute. Having co-defendants in a criminal case can complicate a case for a number of reasons. Co-defendants often have conflicting interest in a criminal case. A prosecutor may offer a co-defendant a plea agreement to testify against or "flip" against the other co-defendants in a case. If the case proceeds to trial, lawyers for a co-defendant may have different strategies for defending the case. Lawyers for different co-defendants may have different skill levels which can really hurt the case at trial. Sometimes a lawyer for one defendant will take every opportunity possible to make the other defendants look bad in front of the jury, in a case like this one lawyer may not only be fighting the prosecutor that lawyer may also be fighting the lawyer for the co-defendants as well.

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