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Explination of the terms "District Attorney" and "Assistant District Attorney" in Oklahoma Criminal Law

Each county in Oklahoma has an elected "District Attorney" that prosecutes criminal cases on behalf of the state of Oklahoma and in th ename of the state of Oklahoma. The "District Attorney" is the prosecutor in the state criminal case. District Attorneys handle both felony and misdemeanor cases in state district court. "Assistant District Attorneys" are hired by the elected "District Attorney" to assist them in prosecuting criminal cases. Most cases are not personally handled by the elected "District Attorney", when the elected "District Attorney" does personally handle a case it is typically a serious and/or high profile case. Most elected "District Attorneys" spend more time working as an administrator than as a prosecutor.

In federal court the prosecutor is the United States Attorney and/or Assistant United States Attorneys (AUSA). In city court or municipal court the prosecutors are simply referred to as "City Prosecutor" or "prosecutor".

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