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Explination of the term "District Court" in Oklahoma Criminal Law

"District Court" is a common term used in Oklahoma criminal law. The term can mean different things depending on how it is used. Each county has a "District Court" which is the Oklahoma state court. District Courts are courts of general jurisdiction. (See Oklahoma Statute Title 21 Section 1266.7). The term "District Court" can also refer to a District Judge.

Felonies start off in front of a magistrate until there is a determination that there is sufficient evidence to establish probable cause and then the case is "bound over" for "District Court". After the determination of probable cause, felonies have to be handled in front of a "District Judge" unless the parties consent to a magistrate handling the case.

Misdemeanors on the other hand are not handled by a "District Judge" unless they are charged as part of a felony information.

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