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What is a Docket Sheet in an Oklahoma Criminal Case?

If you spend much time in an Oklahoma courtroom you will hear the term "docket" and "docket sheet" used frequently. Here is what is meant when those terms are used.

"Docket" is typically used to refer to the total number of cases that the judge has set for that time period, or the total number of cases the judge has of that type. Docket when used in this way is basically a list of cases. For example the judge may refer to his "docket" being full on a particular day. The judge is saying he does not have any more room for cases that day. Or the judge may refer to an "arraignment docket", meaning all the cases set for arraignmnet that day. Or you may hear the term "docket call" which simply referes to the judge going through each case calling out the names and having the attorneys make an announcment on that case.

The term "docket sheet" refers to the list of court minutes for a particular case. Every case has a docket sheet thatthe Court uses to keep track of the case. The docket sheet is part of the original record of the case and is used to show everything from the filing of motions, brief summaries of what occured on a specific day to the issuance of warrants.

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