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Probation in Oklahoma Criminal Law

There are two (2) types of probation in Oklahoma supervised and unsupervised. With supervised probation it can either be supervised by the Oklahoma Department of Correction (DOC Probation) or the District Attorney's Office (DA Supervision). DA Supervision is much better for defendants than DOC Supervision.

DOC Probation

With DOC Probation most defendants are required to meet with their probation officer every month, the probation officer may visit them at their home or place of employment and the are frequently drug tested.

DA Supervision

DA Supervision is generally much easier than DOC Probation, but this can vary by county. For most defendants in most counties they are not required to take drug test, the probation officer never visists the defendant at their home or work and defendants do not have to report to the probation office.

Rogers County and Mayes County are big exceptions to the lack of drug testing for probationers.

An example of the DOC Supervision form used in Tulsa County is displayed below. Below that is the DA Supervision Form used by the Tulsa County District Attorney's Office.

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