Explanation of Transcripts in Oklahoma Criminal Law

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Anyone around the criminal justice system for any period of time will here the term transcripts used frequently. The transcript is simply a written record of what when on during a court hearing. The transcripts are created by the court reporter and costs $3.50 per page to have "transcribed".

In Oklahoma state court a court reporter is not present for all hearings. Court reporters are typically only used when something important is happening and the judge or one of the lawyers feels that a "record" needs to be made. Court reporters are rarely at Initial Appearances / Arraignments. Often times when a defendant enters a plea on a misdemeanor or on a felony at the preliminary hearing level a court reporter will not be present.

When a court reporter is not present "transcribing" the proceedings than the "Court Minute" taken by the judge's clerk and any pleadings submitted during that court session will serve as the transcripts of that hearing.

From time to time during the judge will ask the lawyers "do we need a record?" What the judge is asking is does he need to call his court reporter in order to transcribe the hearing.


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