Explination of "under advisement" or "bench warrant under advisement" in Oklahoma criminal law.

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"Under advisement" simply means that the Court is considering taking some action, it means the court wants to think about or consider the Court's decision. Often times Defendants are concerned after looking at a docket sheet and seeing a court minute that says "Bench Warrant taken under advisement". As long as a bench warrant has been "taken under advisment" tehre is nothing to be concerned about.

Here is why this is done. When a person is arrested and bonds out of jail the judge or sometimes the court clerk will "recognize them back" for their next court date. Everytime the person goes to court the judge will "recognize" the person back to their next court date. (Recognizing back means the judge is directing the defendant to return for their next court date."

If a court date is scheduled without a defendant being present to be "recognized back" than the judge will take a bench warrant under advisement" until the new court date. The judge is actaully doing the defendant and his lawyer a favor, by taking a bench warrant under advisement, the judge is not requiring the defendants appearance in Court on that day and as long as the defendant shows up at the next court date, no bench warrant will ever be issued."

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