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District Court Arraignments in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma the District Court Arraignment (commonly referred to as the "DCA") is very similar to the first arraignment that a defendant goes to. It is called a "District Court" Arraignment because it occurs before a District Judge after a felony case has been "bound over" to district court by a magistrate. At the District Court Arraignment a defense attorny will typically do one (1) of five (5) things.

  1. Ask the Judge to continue the "DCA" because the attorney needs more time.
  2. Set the case for a Motion Hearing, where the attorney will challenge the magistrate's finding of probable cause by filing a "Motion to Quash".
  3. Set the case for a "No Issue Disposition", which means the defendant will enter a plea on som edate in the future.
  4. Enter a plea
  5. Set the case for a trial. If the case is set for trial the judge will also set an Allen Hearing/Discovery Hearing date.

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