Finding your way around the Tulsa County Courthouse

Finding your way around the Tulsa County Courthouse can be confusing, especially when you are facing criminal charges. This page will help you with some basic directions.


Arraignmnets are held every morning that the Tulsa County Courthouse is open. Arraignmnets are held at 9:00 am in room 173. Room 173 is on the northwest side of the courthouse. If you are charged with a felony or a misdemeanor you will be required to hire a lawyer. If you appear without a lawyer the judge will reset the courtdate and tell you to come back to court with a lawyer. Also if you do not have a lawyer you will have to wait over an hour before the judge calls your name and tells you to come back with a lawyer. The judge starts before 9:00 am first handling the arraignmnets for those in jail via video. Then the judge will take announcements from the lawyers waiting in line. Lastly the judge calls the cases of those in the audience without a lawyer (in alphabetic order.)

If you have an arraignmnet expect to be treated poorly. I hate seeing it, but it has gone on that way every since I have been a lawyer. Typically the judge yells, the deputies and other court officals yell, telling people to make room and threatening to take their phones if they see them using them. This is the first impression that many people receive of our court system and it is not a positive one.

IF YOU HAVE A LAWYER AND YOU ARE CHARGED WITH A MISDEMEANOR, the lawyer can handle the arraignmnet without you being present. If you do not have a lawyer or you are charged with a felony you have to be present or the judge will issue a warrannt.

Misdemeanor Courtroom

Misdemeanors are handled in courtroom 158. Courtroom 158 is also in the northwest corner of the courthouse, right next to room 173. Whether you have a motions hearing, a status conference or a plea; after the arraignmnet your misdemeanor case will be handled in room 158. (Sometimes the arraignmnet judge willhandle both the arraignmnets and the misdemeanor cases in room 173. When this happens there will be a note on the door telling you to go to room 173.)

Preliminary Hearing Courtrooms

After your arraignmnet occurs (meaning you have alawyer that enters an appearance in your case and enters a plea of not guilty for you) The next step in the felony process is a preliminary hearing. In Tulsa County the preliminary hearings occur on the 3rd floor at 9:00 AM. The take place in a courtroom on the nortwest corner on the 3rd floor of the courthouse in either courtroom 344 or 347. If your case has been assaigned to "CF A Docket", "CF C Docket", "CF E Docket" your case will be assigned to courtroom 344. If your case has been assaigned to "CF B Docket", "CF D Docket", "CF F Docket" your case will be assigned to courtroom 347. You can tell which CF Docket your case has been assigned to by looking at your Docket Sheet on OSCN.


When you got to court for your preliminary hearing, use the escaltors. The elevators are slow. The escalators go to the 3rd floor. It can take 10 minutes or more to get an elevator.

District Court

If your felony case proceeds past a preliminary hearing you will be bound over for "District Court Arraignment" From that point on all of your court appearances will take place at the district court level, that will occure either on the 4th floor or the 5th floor.

Paying Fines and Costs and Making Payment Arraignmnets

You pay fines and costs and make arraignmnets for paying fines and costs on the second floor of the Tulsa County Courthouse. Fines and Costs are paid at the "Criminal Traffic" desk. And payment arraingments are made at the "Costs Administration" desk. Both are on the northwest side of the second floor of the Tulsa County Courthouse.

Work Hours

To sign up for work hours go to room B5 located in the basement of the Tulsa county Courthouse.

DA Supervision Office

If you receive "DA Supervision" you must report to the DA Supervision Office. (Tulsa County DA Supervision Form) That office is not located inside the Tulsa County Courthouse at 201 West 5th Street, Suite 450 Tulsa, OK 74103.