Getting into the Tulsa Courthouses

Entry into the Tulsa county Courthouse

There are three entries into the Tulsa County Courthouse. The easiest to get to at the moment (because of ongoing construction) is the entry off of Denver Ave between 5th and 6th Street. There is also a north entry off of the former plaza that is now being converted to a street. To get to this entry use the walkway between the courthouse and the fence immeadiately north of the courthouse. The third entry is through the basement and you have to walk through the parking garage.

Entries into Tulsa county Courthouse

Entry into the Federal Courthouse

There is one enetry into the Federal Courthouse and it is off of 4th Street. The Federal Courthouse is located in the same building as the Downtown post office. Even if you entery into the post office from Denver you still have to make your way to the same door through the post office to get into the Federal Courthouse. (Do not parking in the shortterm post office parking because they will tow your vehicle.)

Tulsa Courthouses Northeaast View

Entry into the Municipal Courthouse

There are two entries into the Tulsa Municipal Courthouse. One entry is off of 6th Street and is probably the easiest to get to because of the construction. The other is off of the former Plaza which is now being converted to a street.

Location of Tulsa Courthouses