If I have Court in Tulsa, Where do I park?

Parking for the Courthouse is always a pain. If you have a quick appearance such as an arraignmnet I recommend that you park on the street because it is cheaper. Some of the meters charge $.25 for 15 minutes and some still charge $.25 for 30 minutes. Regardless of the meter if you are going to be in court two (2) hours or less you will save a few bucks by parking on the street. Otherwise you will have to pay to park in a lot. Some lots have monthly parking and others are open for day parking. Below are some pictures showing where some of the paarking is downtown close to the courthouses. There is also metered parking underneath the plaza, however it is very difficult to find a spot and difficult to drive around and look for a spot because of ongoing construction. If you would like to try to find parking there you enter off of 6th street and drive between the Tulsa County Courthouse and the Tulsa Municipal Courthouse.

Parking for Tulsa Courts

North Parking Tulsa County Courthouse

Parking Under the Plaza for the Tulsa County Courthouse