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Different Types of Criminal Sentences

There are four (4) basic types of criminal sentences in Oklahoma state court.

  1. Incarceration
  2. Incarceration is what everyone is trying to avoid. Incarceration on a felony case typically means prison. Incarceration on a misdemeanor charge means a being sentenced to county jail.

  3. Suspended Sentence
  4. When a defendant receives a suspended sentence the judge sentences them to jail or prison and then "suspends" the sentence upon their compliance with terms of probation. Terms of probation can vary. A defendant that receives a suspended sentence is convicted of the offense they received a suspended sentence for.

  5. Deferred Sentence
  6. When a defendant receives a deferred sentence the judge accepts the defendant's plea, but does not find the defendant guilt. The judge defers the sentencing for a period of time and if the defendant complies with the terms of probation the defendant is allowed to withdraw his or her plea at the deferred review and the case is dismissed and the court record is sealed. If the defendant successfully completes the deferred sentence they are not convicted of the offense they received a deferred sentence for.

  7. Split Sentence
  8. A split sentence is a sentence of incarceration and probation. After the defendant completes the incarceration period of the sentence they are released and must complete a term of probation.